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5 tips on why you should buy currency before your trip – cheap & online

Published by Mattias Söderström in category Articles on 10.06.2024
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Person visar olika valutor på ett blomfält inför resan

More and more people in Sweden are using cards for purchases, but there are many reasons why you should order currency before your trip. Tavex lists what you need to know!

Order currency – free shipping over SEK 4,000

Today, only about 5 percent of all purchases in Sweden are made with cash, thanks to the convenience of card payments. However, this trend means that many travelers forget to prepare with travel currency before going abroad. Therefore, we at Tavex have compiled five good reasons why you should buy currency before your trip.

By buying currency online before you travel, you can easily plan your budget and avoid the stress of finding an ATM immediately upon arrival.

At Tavex, you can conveniently order currency online. Choose to have it delivered directly to your home or pick it up at a nearby collection point:

Buy currency online for your trip – 5 reasons!

1. Better exchange rates:

By buying currency in advance, you can compare rates and choose the most favorable option, which is often cheaper than exchanging on-site.

2. Avoid unnecessary exchange fees on your vacation:

To avoid high exchange rates during your trip, keep the following in mind:

  • Order currency online before you travel to get better exchange rates.
  • Carry both cards and cash to be flexible with payment options.
  • Having local currency upon arrival saves you from searching for ATMs.
  • Order currency in advance to avoid poorer rates at exchange offices in tourist areas.
  • Be prepared for card fees that may apply for payments or withdrawals in some European countries.
  • Protect yourself against card fraud by having some cash on hand.
  • Having local currency can feel safer than relying solely on card payments.

3. Swedish money is not accepted in all countries:

It is important to have local currency since Swedish kronor is not accepted abroad. Having the right currency makes it easier to pay for goods and services directly upon arrival.

4. Cash is often used abroad:

In many countries, cash is still a common payment method, especially in smaller shops, markets, and rural areas. Having local currency makes it easier to pay for small purchases and avoid payment issues.

According to ECB statistics, about 4 out of 5 purchases in Europe are made with cash.

5. Security:

Having some cash with you reduces the risk of needing to find an ATM in unfamiliar areas, which can be both unsafe and time-consuming.

Order currency for over 4,000 SEK and get free shipping!

By buying currency in advance, you can travel with peace of mind, knowing you have gotten the best possible exchange rate and avoiding unnecessary fees. If you order currency from Tavex for over 4,000 SEK, you get free shipping!

Get ready for your next trip by securing your currency online today. We are curious to hear about your summer travel plans! Please share where you plan to travel in the comments below.


Gold price (XAU-SEK)
24804,30 SEK/oz
+ 665,60 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
314,48 SEK/oz
+ 11,32 SEK

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