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Austrian 1 Ducat

Austria’s most distinguished historical gold coin, the Franz Joseph ducat, is an exquisite gold piece that is acclaimed throughout the world for its long-term uniformity and high purity. Also referred to as the “Austrian ducat”, or “1 ducat”, it embodies the history of the Austrian Empire, the second largest European nation and one of the world’s leading powers of the time.

The design of this coin was struck for the first time in 1872, and is today being applied by the renowned Austrian Mint to produce restrikes of the Franz Joseph ducat.

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  • The Franz Joseph 1 ducat is Austria’s most famous historical gold coin. Acclaimed for its long-term uniformity, high purity and artistic beauty, the Franz Joseph ducat is the best-known gold coin in Central Europe.

  • The Franz Joseph 1 ducat is well suited for coin collections. To own this coin literally means owning a piece of European history. It embodies the history of one of the world’s great powers, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and portrays one of the leading monarchs of that time, Emperor Franz Joseph.

  • Franz Joseph 1 ducat gold coins are money. Austrian ducats are exempt from Value Added Tax, and are exchangeable throughout Europe by bullion dealers and investors alike.

  • Franz Joseph 1 ducat gold coins are internationally recognised. Their history spanning more than a century, and currently being struck by the renowned Austrian Mint, coupled with their unique design and shape, makes them highly distinguished and accepted worldwide.

  • Franz Joseph 1 ducat gold coins are the equivalent of savings. Austrian ducats are an ideal choice for any long-term saver who appreciates the security and stability of owning physical gold coins.

  • Franz Joseph 1 ducat gold coins track the price of gold. The base value of the restruck 1 ducat coins is primarily determined by their fine gold content which is linked to the prevailing price of gold.

  • Franz Joseph 1 ducat gold coins are great gifts for your loved ones. Besides being a symbol of long-term endurance, the ducat gold coin is also a piece of precious history.


The history of the ducat coin

It is no exaggeration to claim that the ducat is the world’s number one gold coin with regards to uniformity, and one of the top three most important classical coins ever to have been produced in Europe. However, contrary to what one might think, the ducat does not originate in Austria, but instead draws its heritage from medieval Italy. The birthplace of the gold ducat, whose uniformity would facilitate trade for over 700 years, was the Italian city of Venice. During the 12th and 13th centuries, Venice was a trading powerhouse and the dominant city-state along the coastal areas of the Adriatic Sea. To further the city’s trade and prominence, the ruling duke at the time began to mint a gold coin whose weight was set at 3.5 grams with a determined gold purity of 98.6% (23.68 karat). Because “dukes” governed the city, the new coin was given the name “ducatus”, which is Latin for “dukedom”, hence the name of the present “ducat”.


Nominal value Dimensions Fineness Product weight in grams Gold weight in grams Gold weight in Troy ounces
1 ducat 20.00 mm 986 3.49090 g 3.44203g 0.11

The majority of gold ducats depicting Franz Joseph were issued from the early 1900s onwards. The 1 ducat coins dated 1915 are today being produced by the Austrian Mint as official restrikes.

Obverse: The obverse portrays the effigy of Emperor Franz Joseph crowned with a laurel. The title “FRANC IOS I D G AUSTRIAE IMPERATOR”, which translates as “Franz Joseph 1, by the grace of God, Emperor of Austria”, surrounds his portrait.

Reverse: The reverse displays the coat of arms of the House of Habsburg, surrounded by the text “HVNGAR BOHEM GAL LOD ILL REX AA 1915”, which translates as “Hungary, Bohemia, Galicia, Lodomeria, Illyria, King and Archduke of Austria 1915”.

Purity: The Austrian Franz Joseph one ducat is a 23.68 karat gold coin which means it is composed of 23.68/24 = 98.6% gold and the rest of the coin contains traces of copper and silver. The coin conta Compared to the majority of historical and modern gold coins, the ducat is considerable thinner, at just 0.8 mm thick.

Packaging: Each coin is individually packaged in a hard plastic capsule. 

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