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New gold mine in Sweden with gold worth 1 billion!

Published by Mattias Söderström in category Articles on 13.06.2024
Gold price (XAU-SEK)
26028,50 SEK/oz
- 129,40 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
320,73 SEK/oz
- 8,62 SEK
En bild från Svergiges nya guldgruva i

After a decade of anticipation, a new gold mine has opened in Sweden. How will this impact our mining industry and society at large? Tavex has dug up the answers!

Where is the new Gold mine in Sweden?

Sweden has its first new gold mine in ten years, located in Fäbodtjärn near Vindelgransele in the Lycksele municipality. The area is estimated to contain gold worth nearly one billion kronor, and the mine has opened after fifteen years of planning and numerous environmental assessments. 

Throughout the process, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and various courts played significant roles. Now, with gold prices higher than ever, the future looks very promising for the mine.

How many mines are there in Sweden?

As of 2024, with the opening of the Fäbodtjärn gold mine, there are a total of 13 active mines in Sweden. This image from Bergsstaten shows the locations of all the mines in Sweden:

En karta på Sveriges som visar var alla landets gruvor är belägna

Environmental impact of gold mining in Sweden

The Fäbodtjärn mine has faced criticism from the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and local residents. They are concerned that valuable natural environments may be damaged and waterways polluted, which in turn could affect individuals’ access to water and fishing in the nearby Vindel River. 

The environmental impact of gold mining is a hotly debated topic in Sweden. The process can affect both waterways and ecosystems. Therefore, strict environmental regulations are followed, and collaborations occur between:

  • Companies
  • Authorities
  • Local communities.

Despite the challenges, Swedish mining companies strive to make gold extraction as sustainable as possible.

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Investment opportunities in Swedish gold mines

There are many investment opportunities in Swedish gold mines. New projects make the market attractive. Sweden’s stable regulations and high environmental standards often place its mines at the forefront of sustainable technology. This allows investors to make good deals and support sustainable development.

The history of gold mining in Sweden

Gold mining in Sweden has a long history. As early as the Middle Ages, gold was extracted with simple tools. 

Over time, technology has advanced, and today modern methods are used to extract gold. Although Sweden is not one of the world’s largest gold producers, the mines have been important to local communities. History shows how technological advances have impacted both the industry and society.

New technology in gold mines

Technology in gold extraction has made significant progress. Today, advanced machines are used to make the work faster and safer. Digital tools monitor and control the processes remotely. 

Automation has also reduced the need for manual labor. These innovations have made gold mining more efficient and sustainable.

What do you think about the new gold mine in Fäbodtjärn? Can it be a success? Share your thoughts in the comments!


Gold price (XAU-SEK)
26028,50 SEK/oz
- 129,40 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
320,73 SEK/oz
- 8,62 SEK

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