Sell gold via Tavex’s
gold envelope

The gold envelope is a free service that enables
you to sell gold conveniently and securely
via insured and traceable mail.

It’s simple, this is how it works

STEP 1. Fill out the form on the right of your screen now, click send, and you will receive the free gold envelope within 1-3 working days.

STEP 2. The gold envelope contains a prepaid, traceable and secure return parcel that insures your gold up to SEK 5,000. In the gold envelope you will also find an easy-to-understand information leaflet that will guide you through this process, and the Terms of Use Agreement form.

STEP 3. Place everything in the parcel and take it to your local post office where in exchange you will receive a receipt, which acts as your proof of ownership, and your tracking number. Remember, there are no fees or hidden charges.   

STEP 4. We will receive the parcel within 1-3 working days.  We will verify your items the same day we receive the parcel and will also inform you by phone and email that same day of our offer. We will always offer you the price for the items according to our up to date pricelist.

STEP 5. The cash is paid out the same day you accept our offer.

Send your gold to us, without fees

Order a free of charge Gold Envelope
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Market leading prices

Prices we pay are linked to live market prices of gold and silver, meaning that you will always be offered accurate and up-to-the minute prices when selling to Tavex. In addition, we guarantee the highest buy-back prices for your gold and silver items: find out more in our “Best Price Guarantee”.

What we buy via the gold envelope

We buy gold investment bars and coins, old and unwanted jewellery, rings, necklaces, pendants, chains, earrings, medals, watches, and broken gold items. 

What we do not buy

Tavex does not buy melted gold & silver, gold dust, dental gold, plated or rolled gold items. Pearls and precious stones will be discarded. In addition, we do not buy gold items that have a fineness less than 375 (9 karats).

Terms and conditions

To sell gold items to Tavex, you need to be at least 18 years of age, the legal owner of the items, and also have the sole right to transfer the ownership of the objects to Tavex. Furthermore, we are required by law to identify the seller. For more information, please read the Terms and Conditions of Sale to Tavex.

Fast payout options

In the Terms of Use Agreement form, which is sent with the gold envelope, you will note how you want to get paid:

  • Same day free-of-charge transfer to your bank account. (Transfer time: 1-3 banking days)

Any questions?

Call us on +46 8 678 20 30 and get help now or leave your email or phone number together with your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


Sell via gold envelope - Tavex
Sell via gold envelope - Tavex
Sell via gold envelope - Tavex
Sell via gold envelope - Tavex
Sell via gold envelope - Tavex
Sell via gold envelope - Tavex