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1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi

Tavex is pleased to offer the cast 1 kg Valcambi Suisse silver bar. Manufactured by Valcambi, Switzerland’s largest precious metals foundry, they are a hallmark of outstanding quality, guaranteed .9999 fine purity, and high liquidity.

By taking possession of this silver bullion bar, you are not only gaining a valuable precious metal fabricated by Swiss engineering expertise, but also an alternative hard currency that has the implicit guarantee of being international accepted by bullion dealers, financial institutions and investors alike.

This silver item is in brilliant
mint condition

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  • The value of Valcambi 1 kg .999 fine silver bars tracks the price of silver. The value of Valcambi silver bars is primarily determined by their fine silver content which is linked to the prevailing price of silver.
  • The price of this 1 kg .999 fine silver bar will rise with inflation. Silver has proven itself throughout history to be a great asset in times of high inflation, appreciating faster and higher than most other investments!
  • Valcambi 1 kg .999 fine silver bars have guaranteed purity. The Valcambi manufacturing and refining processes are overseen by the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association), guaranteeing the strict quality and purity standard of Valcambi silver bars.
  • The Valcambi 1 kg silver bar is .999 pure silver. Valcambi silver bars are a great way to get this precious white metal in your hands.
  • Valcambi 1 kg .999 fine silver bars have an incredible heft. The “feel” of handling a cast one kilogram silver bar will put a smile on anyone’s face.
  • The Valcambi 1 kg .999 fine silver bars is highly liquid and recognised.  Valcambi is one of the oldest precious metals refineries in the world and manufacturers its gold and silver bars on three continents, making its bullion products a household name in the global bullion market.
  • Valcambi 1 kg .999 fine silver bars are highly popular among investors.

*This 1 kg silver bullion bar is produced by Heraeus, Germany’s most famous precious metals refinery, and is a cast silver bar with a silver purity of 99.99%. Heraeus is a member of the London Bullion Market Association’s (LBMA) prestigious Good Delivery List for Silver, and the Heraeus refinery has been based in Hanau, near Frankfurt, for over 160 years.

*The front of the 1 kg cast silver bullion bar is stamped with the Heraeus “hand with roses” motif surrounded by the words Heraeus Edelmetalle Hanau”, with the refiner’s name ‘Heraeus’ and the silver bar’s purity, ‘Feinsilber 9999” imprinted above, and the weight “1000 g” inscribed below. The Heraeus cast 1 kg silver bar is 80 mm in length, 50 mm in width, and has a depth of 20 mm.

*Heraeus 1 kg cast silver bars have their own unique serial number, and all Heraeus silver bullion bars manufactured since 2014 have a silver purity or fineness of .9999.

*For investors intending to buy silver bullion, the Heraeus 1 kg fine silver bar is a perfect choice, as it’s easy to store, portable, and also an affordable entry point to the investment silver bullion market.

*Heraeus is committed to ensuring that all silver used in its silver bar production is sourced from legitimate mines and suppliers that comply with Heraeus’ ethical code of purchasing policy.

Nominal value Dimensions Fineness Product weight in grams Silver weight in grams Silver weight in Troy ounces
Valcambi Suisse 111.00 mm x 51.00 mm x 21.00 mm 999 1001.00100 g 1000.00000g 32.15

The Obverse: At the top of the 1000 gram silver bar is text “VALCAMBI SUISSE” and Valcambi’s official stamp. The centre of the bar reads “1000 g”, “silver”, and “999” signifying 99.9% pure silver. At the bottom of the bar is the assayer’s stamp, which guarantees the purity of the silver bar, and the unique serial number.

Reverse: The reverse of the Valcambi 1 kg silver bar is polished and shiny.

Packaging: The 1 kg silver bar comes in a factory sealed plastic package.

Certificate of authenticity: The 1 kg silver bar comes without a certificate of authenticity. The Valcambi official stamp which is present on the bar serves as the certificate of authenticity. The official stamp of Valcambi is recognised throughout the world and will guarantee the bar’s acceptance by bullion dealers and financial institutions.

Purity: The Valcambi 1 kg silver bullion bar contains 99.9% pure silver. This means that the bar is exclusively made of pure silver.

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1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi - Tavex
1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi - Tavex
1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi - Tavex
1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi - Tavex
1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi - Tavex
1000 gram Silver Bars Valcambi - Tavex