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What currency should I take for a holiday trip to Croatia?

Published by tavex in category Currency on 15.08.2019
Gold price (XAU-SEK)
20 277,11 SEK/oz
+ 198,16 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
236,21 SEK/oz
+ 4,70 SEK

The legal tender of the local currency in Croatia is the Croatian Kuna. Should you take Swedish Crowns to Croatia and change it there? Or should you take only your Bank Card and pay everything with card? Or is it best if you change Swedish Kronas to Croatian Kunas directly in Sweden? These are the main questions asked by Swedish tourists travelling to Cratia every year. In this article we try to show you what are the best options for your money when traveling.

In this article we the base amount will be 2000 SEK. All calculations are made with 2000 SEK.

Purchase of Croatian kunas in Sweden.

Due to Croatia’s popularity among travelers, access to Croatian Kuna in currency exchange offices is not problematic – most currency exchange offices, especially during the holiday season, have available funds.

How does the exchange rate look? We recommend to compare different currency exchange offices to get the best rates. In Tavex, our goal is to have the best currency exchange rates in Stockholm and we have kept this promise. The Croatian Kuna rate at Tavex today (26-06-2019) is 1.53942. This means that for SEK 2,000 you would get 1302 Croatian kuna. Purchasing Croatian Kunas already in Sweden is a good option. You do not have to worry about money when traveling or paying for your taxi when you arrive at the airport. You can just enjoy your vacation.

Purchase of Croatian kuna for euro bought in Sweden.

An alternative, often used by tourists, is to buy Euro in Sweden and changing it in Croatia. We recommend the first option, because there is no point to have double conversions. Let’s see how this solution is priced. It is worth noting that there is a double currency conversion – first from Swedish kronor to euro, then from euro to kuna. The euro exchange rate at the time of writing the article is 11.2395 which means that for 2,000 SEK we would get 178 euros. This option will leave you with less Kunas. We definitely recommend the first option of directly converting your Swedish Crowns to Croatian Kunas.

Card payments and withdrawals from ATMs

In this case, unfortunately we cannot accurately estimate the costs – much depends on the cost of withdrawals from ATMs, bank commissions and exchange rates. It is definitely worth having the card as a reserve – you never know when something unexpected happens. Better to be safe than sorry. Usually the commission fee is 1% and other foreign currency exchange rate fees maybe applicable which varies based on bank provider.

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