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Gold Agreement – Terms

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E-MAIL: WEB: 556671-1189

1. Information on the buyer

Tavex AB is licensed under the Act (1999:271) on trade in second-hand goods (AA572-95480-2011). The buyer is Tavex AB, registration no. 5566 71-1189, marketing themselves under the name Tavex AB and the website

2. Agreement for the purchase

Tavex AB and the Client agree by completing and signing the agreement. By agreeing, the Client confirms that the gold belongs to them (him/her) and authorizes Tavex AB to carry out a valuation of the Item. Once the valuation is complete, Tavex AB will provide the Client with a price quotation for the Item.

Tavex AB will pay the price offered by Tavex AB to the Client after the valuation carried out by Tavex AB, whereby the Item’s ownership is transferred to Tavex AB. Tavex AB reserves the right to refuse the purchase of the Item if the delivered package is damaged, opened, tampered with, or not properly sealed.

Also, Tavex AB has the right to refuse the purchase of an Item if the quality or design of the Item does not correspond with what the Client specified in the contract. In addition to the situations mentioned above, Tavex AB has the right to refuse the purchase of the Item without giving a reason.

3. Commitment

Tavex AB takes on responsibility only for registered mail sent to Tavex AB using the Gold Envelope. The commitment is limited to 100 000 SEK and applies only if you keep the following and, if necessary, send it to Tavex AB:

  • Picture and description of the gold.
  • The receipt from the post office when you hand in the envelope.

Items sent to Tavex AB by means other than those specified above will not be reimbursed and the Client alone will be liable for such shipment. The Client must notify the Post Office’s Complaints Department and Tavex AB of any damaged or lost shipments and provide an original receipt for reimbursement. Furthermore, Tavex AB’s liability only applies if the Customer handled the gold following the requirements set out by Tavex AB in its Gold Agreement and on its website; please also refer to p.2 above.


Once Tavex AB has determined the Item’s value, the price that Tavex AB is willing to pay for the Item is calculated, and Tavex AB will notify the Client. The Client will be notified by telephone and email of the price that Tavex AB is willing to pay. If the Client accepts this price, payment will be made to the Client’s bank account. Payment of funds will only be carried out to the Client in person. The gold prices listed on Tavex AB’s website are the current prices paid by Tavex AB for the gold once it is in Tavex AB’s possession.

5. Returns

If Tavex AB decides not to complete the purchase, for whatever reason, and/or if the Client does not accept the price or the payment provided by Tavex AB, the purchase will be terminated. The gold returned to the Client, provided that the Client has notified Tavex AB of his/her decision not to sell the gold within 3 days from the receipt of the gold by Tavex AB.

6. Identity

Tavex AB will conduct personal verification calls by telephone to verify the Customer’s identity. If Tavex AB finds reasons or needs to take additional measures to verify the Client’s identity, Tavex AB has the right to obtain further information from the Client.

7. Verification

Tavex AB has the right to check the gold’s authenticity, quantity, and content to determine its value. Chemical and technical tests will be performed on the gold during such verification. Tavex AB is not responsible for any damage or deterioration of the gold due to the tests and checks. If the examination of the gold raises doubts about its authenticity or origin, Tavex AB has the right to refuse the purchase. Purchases may also be denied if the actual gold content differs significantly from what the Customer has stated in the Gold Agreement.

8. Notification

Notices sent by Tavex AB to the Client by regular mail shall be considered to have been received by the Client no later than five days after sending if the letter is sent to the Client’s registered address. Notices sent by Tavex AB to the Client by email shall be considered to have been received by the Client on the same day if the email is sent to the email address provided by the Client to Tavex AB.

9. Processing of personal data (GDPR)

Tavex AB complies with the GDPR and is concerned about our clients’ privacy. Upon registration, the information provided to Tavex AB will be used for administrative purposes. Any information provided to us will only be used by Tavex AB.