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10 countries producing the most gold in 2024 – globally

Published by Mattias Söderström in category Articles on 06.03.2024
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En man som följer vilka länder som producerar mest guld på en skärm

In October 2023, the price of gold reached record highs in Sweden, and many experts believe that the trend will only continue to rise throughout the year. With this in mind, we decided to delve deeper into the subject and compile a list of the ten countries that will produce the most gold in 2024.

It’s no wonder that the allure of gold is attracting more and more interest. With prices on the rise, curiosity arises about which countries actually produce the most gold.

As of March 2024, global gold production has stabilized at an impressive 3,000 tons, slightly less than last year but still remarkably high. This trend, fueled by both a craving for safe investments and tumultuous global events, shows that interest in gold is far from waning.

With the help of fresh data from the US Geological Survey from February 2024, we at Tavex want to share insights on which countries are currently the world’s leading gold producers.

The Top 10 Gold Producers of 2024

1. China – 370 tons of gold

China is the country that mines the most gold in the world. Each year, they extract at least 300 tons and have done so for over ten years. The Chinese central bank also purchases a lot of gold, which helps strengthen the country’s economy.

2. Australia – 310 tons of gold

Known for its extensive gold reserves, Australia continues to play a vital role in global gold production. The country’s gold production contributes several million kronor to the Australian economy.

3. Russia – 310 tons of gold

Russia is the third-largest gold producer. Although the amount of gold they produce can vary somewhat from year to year, they have managed to keep production fairly steady. Russia has also been good at finding new places to sell its gold, especially when encountering problems with selling to their usual buyers.

4. Canada – 200 tons of gold

Canada confirms its status as one of the leading gold producers, with production contributing in various ways to the country’s export revenues.

5. USA – 170 tons of gold

The gold production in the USA, with a strong base in Nevada, shows that even though production has decreased slightly from the previous year, there is still a large industry here.

6. Kazakhstan – 130 tons of gold

In recent years, Kazakhstan has shown strong growth in gold production, indicating a bright future.

7. Mexico – 120 tons of gold

Mexico’s long tradition of gold mining continues, and the country contributes significantly to the global gold market.

8. Indonesia – 110 tons of gold

Indonesia has emerged as a strong player in gold production in recent years, with significant contributions from, among others, the Grasberg Mining District.

9. South Africa – 100 tons of gold

Despite challenges such as labor market conflicts and problems with fossil fuels causing power outages, South Africa remains on the list of major gold producers.

10. Uzbekistan – 100 tons of gold

With large deposits and an impressive volume of gold produced, Uzbekistan continues to be an important player in the market.

More Facts About Gold Production and Precious Metals

These ten countries are central to the world’s gold production in 2024. Their efforts not only shape the global economy but also demonstrate the continued value of gold as an investment and a hedge against economic uncertainty.

For those who want to read more about each country’s specific contribution to the global gold market and how grams of gold per ton vary, extensive resources are available today at

Did you know China is the country that produces the most gold? Feel free to comment below!



Gold price (XAU-SEK)
25930,70 SEK/oz
+ 297,70 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
314,21 SEK/oz
+ 10,20 SEK

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