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10 times people found gold

Published by Lars Mäki in category Articles on 12.02.2024
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Person som hittade guld med en metalldetektor

Finding gold may seem like an impossibility, but for some, this dream becomes reality in the most unexpected places. Here are ten compelling stories of ordinary people who suddenly found a golden treasure.

Discovering gold bars isn’t just for treasure hunters in adventure movies. Around the world, and not just in Mölndal following the sensational find by the JLC profiles, it has become a reality for everyday people on several occasions.

Therefore, we at Tavex have compiled ten of the most fascinating instances when people stumbled upon unexpected riches.

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10 spectacular discoveries of gold

1. The Saddle Ridge Hoard, USA

2 personer hittade guld

At the beginning of 2013, a couple in California, while walking on their property, discovered a rusty can protruding from the ground. This innocent discovery led them to 1,427 shining gold coins from the 19th century, worth more than $10 million.

These well-preserved American coins, hidden for centuries, became known as the Saddle Ridge Hoard, a sensational find that shows adventures and discoveries await around every corner.

2. The Staffordshire Hoard


In 2009, a hobby detectorist, with his faithful metal detector in hand, wandered across the fields of Staffordshire. What he stumbled upon became historic: an impressive collection of Anglo-Saxon relics, shimmering in gold and silver, dating back to the seventh century. This discovery, rich in historical significance, quickly became one of the most talked-about finds in England.

3. The Black Swan Project

Personer hittade guld i vattnet

Far from land, in the deepest seas, a team from a diving company made what would be the find of a lifetime in 2007. At the bottom of the Atlantic lay a shipwreck, its cargo consisting of more than half a million gold and silver coins, silent witnesses to a lost epoch. The value? Priceless – measured both in dollars and historical values.

4. The Hoxne Hoard

En man hittade guld

It was a chilly autumn day in 1992 when a man’s daily routine with his metal detector turned into a historic event. In Suffolk, he found over 15,000 Roman coins, gold and silver jewelry, a time capsule from antiquity. This hoard, one of the largest of its kind in Britain, testifies to the Romans’ presence and wealth.

5. The Viking Treasure at Cuerdale

Person hittade guld vid vattnet

One day in 1840, near the shores of the Ribble River, a Viking-age secret was revealed. A massive treasure of gold and silver, hidden by Vikings around the year 900, came to light. This discovery, one of the most significant of its kind, offers a glimpse into the world of Vikings.

6. The Sunken Treasure at Caesarea

Dykare hittade guld i vattnet

In 2015, divers off the coast of Israel made a discovery that exceeded all expectations. Near the ancient city of Caesarea, they found Roman gold coins, lost in the depths of time. This treasure, one of the largest underwater finds, connects the present with the past.

7. Jersey and The Le Catillon II

Personer hittade guld på ett fält

On the small island of Jersey, in 2012, some local treasure hunters dug up a treasure that would become legendary. Celtic coins from the first century BC, a collection so vast it is unparalleled, tell a story of the island’s ancient past.

8. Australia’s ‘Hand of Faith’

En man hittade guld med en metalldetektor

On a late summer day in 1980, in the outskirts of Victoria, a man with his metal detector found something extraordinary. ‘Hand of Faith’, a colossal gold nugget weighing over 27 kilos, became a find still talked about in gold prospecting circles worldwide.

9. ‘Boot of Cortez’, A Desert Legend

En man hittade en stor guldklump

In the scorching Sonoran Desert, in 1989, a stubborn prospector made the find that would define his life. ‘Boot of Cortez’, the largest gold nugget discovered in the Western Hemisphere, weighs heavily both in gold and history.

10. ‘Welcome Stranger’, An Australian Miracle

Personer hittade guldklump

1869 was the year when two prospectors, in search of fortune, found ‘Welcome Stranger’ in Victoria. This enormous gold nugget, the largest of its kind, weighs in at over 72 kilograms and tells a story of luck and patience.

These amazing stories show that treasures of gold can appear in the most unexpected places around the world. Each discovery is unique and carries a fascinating story of adventure and excitement.

Feel free to comment below if you would like to search for gold yourself!

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Gold price (XAU-SEK)
26039,20 SEK/oz
- 100,40 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
320,89 SEK/oz
- 8,16 SEK

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