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100 things to do in 2024 for gold enthusiasts!

Published by Lars Mäki in category Articles on 12.01.2024
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100 saker att göra 2024 med guld

Love everything about gold? Great, because this list of 100 different activities is perfect for you!

100 gold activities to do this year for gold lovers

  1. Gold Hunting with a Metal Detector: Discover hidden gold in your local surroundings.
  2. Visit a Gold Mine: Learn about the history of gold mining.
  3. Gold Panning: Try your luck in authentic gold panning.
  4. Gold Jewelry Workshop: Create your own piece of jewelry.
  5. Gold Market Trends: Follow and analyze the movements of gold prices
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  6. Gold Museum: Visit and learn more about the history of gold.
  7. Gold Day with the Family: A day dedicated to gold-related activities.
  8. Gold Party: Host a gold-themed party.
  9. Gold Crafts: Create artwork with gold materials.
  10. Gold in Cooking: Decorate your dishes with edible gold.
  11. Gold Treasure Hunt for Kids: Organize an exciting hunt.
  12. Read Gold-Related Books: Educate yourself about the value and history of gold.
  13. Gold Movie Night: Watch movies themed around gold.
  14. Gold in Fashion: Incorporate gold into your clothing style.
  15. Gold Tourism: Travel to famous gold destinations.
  16. Invest in Gold: Learn the basics of gold investments. 
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  17. Gold in Art: Visit exhibitions showcasing gold.
  18. Gold Lessons in School: Teach about the value and history of gold.
  19. Gold Blogging: Write about your gold experiences.
  20. Gold in Architecture: Discover buildings decorated with gold.
  21. Gold in Sports: Participate in a competition where you can win gold.
  22. Gold in Nature: Explore natural places with historical connections to gold.
  23. Gold in Technology: Learn about gold’s role in tech gadgets.
  24. Golden Souvenirs: Collect gold-related items.
  25. Gold Photography: Photograph nature and objects resembling gold.
  26. Gold in the Garden: Decorate with golden garden ornaments.
  27. Golden Gifts: Give gold-related presents.
  28. Gold on Social Media: Share your gold adventures online.
  29. Gold Quiz: Test your knowledge about gold.
  30. Gold in Health: Learn about gold’s use in health.
  31. Gold in Music: Listen to music about gold.
  32. Golden Accessories: Wear golden jewelry and accessories.
  33. Gold in Games: Play board and video games with a gold theme.
  34. Gold in Interior Design: Decorate your home with gold.
  35. Gold in Beauty: Use beauty products with gold.
  36. Gold at Work: Introduce a gold theme at your workplace.
  37. Gold in Literature: Write a story or poem about gold.
  38. Gold in Design: Create design projects with a gold theme.
  39. Gold on Vacation: Hunt for gold on holiday.
  40. Gold in Religion: Explore gold’s significance in various religions.
  41. Gold in Mythology: Read myths and legends about gold.
  42. Gold in Festivities: Introduce a gold theme in your celebrations.
  43. Golden DIY Projects: Create your own projects with gold.
  44. Gold in Fashion Shows: Attend or visit golden fashion events.
  45. Gold in Film Production: Create a short film about gold.
  46. Gold in Business: Start a business related to gold.
  47. Golden Weddings: Plan a wedding with a gold theme.
  48. Gold in Photography: Photograph golden landscapes and objects.
  49. Gold in Collecting: Collect gold coins and bars. 
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  50. Gold in Education: Teach about the significance of gold.
  51. Gold in Crafts: Create crafts with gold thread.
  52. Gold in Training: Incorporate a gold theme in your workout.
  53. Gold in Science Fiction: Write a sci-fi story about gold.
  54. Golden Competitions: Organize a gold hunt competition.
  55. Gold in Calligraphy: Create art with golden ink.
  56. Golden Sculptures: Create sculptures with a gold theme.
  57. Gold in Culture: Explore cultural uses of gold.
  58. Gold in Handicrafts: Make handicrafts with gold elements.
  59. Gold in Home Decor: Decorate your home with golden details.
  60. Golden Gifts: Give golden-themed presents.
  61. Gold in Gardening: Use golden decorations in the garden.
  62. Gold in Writing: Write an essay or article about gold.
  63. Golden Awards: Create awards with gold elements.
  64. Gold in Competitions: Compete for golden prizes.
  65. Golden Makeup Tips: Use gold in your makeup.
  66. Gold in Art Exhibitions: Visit exhibitions with a gold theme.
  67. Golden Parties: Organize a party with a gold theme.
  68. Gold in Gifts: Create unique golden gift ideas.
  69. Gold in Food: Use edible gold in cooking.
  70. Golden Decorations: Decorate events with gold.
  71. Gold in Tattoos: Design golden tattoos.
  72. Golden Costumes: Create costumes with gold elements.
  73. Gold in Theater: Use gold in theater productions.
  74. Golden Artworks: Create art with a gold theme.
  75. Gold in History: Study historical uses of gold.
  76. Golden Pillows: Design pillows with gold fabric.
  77. Gold in Modeling: Create models with gold.
  78. Golden Jewelry Accessories: Create accessories with gold elements.
  79. Golden Bags: Design bags with gold decorations.
  80. Gold in Shoe Care: Use golden shoe products.
  81. Gold in Dressmaking: Sew clothes with gold fabric.
  82. Golden Glasses: Design glasses with gold frames.
  83. Gold in Home Decor Stores: Sell golden decorations.
  84. Golden Phone Cases: Create phone cases with gold decorations.
  85. Gold in Workout Clothes: Design workout clothes with gold elements.
  86. Golden Kitchen Utensils: Use kitchen utensils with a gold theme.
  87. Gold in Jewelry Making: Make your own golden jewelry.
  88. Golden Hair Accessories: Create headbands and clips with gold.
  89. Gold in Ceramics: Create ceramics with gold glaze.
  90. Golden Furniture: Design furniture with gold elements.
  91. Gold in Scrapbooking: Use gold materials in scrapbooks.
  92. Gold-Edged Garden Parties: Host garden parties with a gold theme.
  93. Golden Candle Holders: Create or decorate candle holders with gold.
  94. Gold in Charity Events: Integrate a gold theme in charity events.
  95. Golden Watches: Create or collect watches with gold elements.
  96. Gold in Coffee and Tea: Use edible gold in coffee or tea for a luxurious touch.
  97. Golden Table Settings: Decorate party tables with golden cloths and tableware.
  98. Gold in Photography Courses: Photography courses focusing on photographing gold and golden objects.
  99. Gold in Digital Art: Create digital art with a gold theme.
  100. Golden Book Covers: Create or collect books with golden covers or details. This can be a unique hobby for book lovers and an elegant decoration in your home or office.

Feel free to comment below if you plan to do any of this in 2024!


Gold price (XAU-SEK)
24334,10 SEK/oz
- 64,90 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
308,58 SEK/oz
- 1,42 SEK

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