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Tavex continues to be AAA rated many years consecutively

Published by tavex in category Other, Precious metals on 03.09.2019
Gold price (XAU-SEK)
20 278,03 SEK/oz
+ 200,25 SEK
Silver price (XAG-SEK)
236,28 SEK/oz
+ 4,72 SEK

We start this week’s blog post with an inspirational quote close to our hearts.

Mastery requires both impatience and patience.

The impatience to have a bias toward action, to not waste time, and to work with a sense of urgency each day.

The patience to delay gratification, to wait for your actions to accumulate, and to trust the process.

-James Clear

At Tavex, we are impatient in this sense and have a strong bias for action to constantly improve the consumer experience: be it in our stores or on our webshop. We work with a sense of urgency to provide customers with the shortest turnaround time on their orders as possible.

We also have the patience to delay gratification in the sense to not look at short term profits or  narrow minded wins, but to focus on a long term and sustainable strategy. We focus on the Tavex brand and keeping it synonymous with trust, reliability, sustainability and transparency!

Tavex group has been around for more than 25 years and we have grown sustainably with our own capital.

Recently, Bisnode, the independent credit rating company, once again awarded Tavex AB a AAA rating which was the third year in a row. (AAA rated since May 2016) Bisnode has been rating companies in Sweden since 1989 and is Sweden’s most well known credit rating system.

To put this in perspective, only 3 % of companies in Sweden have this rating. (Source: Bisnode)

At Tavex AB, we often say that we are not selling investment gold, we are selling peace of mind and trust. In the interest of transparency, you can read more about the full detailed report by Bisnode here: TAVEX AB BISNODE REPORT

We thank our customers, partners and employees for continued patronage and support to help us achieve our goals.

Tavex AB is the only major bullion dealer in Sweden with AAA rating. When choosing a partner for your investment needs, trust the bullion experts with best independent credit rating!

Use the code: AAA to get free shipment on your next delivery!

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