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Tavex-Logo present bag and present boxes

Published by Eirini Gkioni in category Other on 01.04.2022
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Our gift-wrapping journey

We started with the gift-wrapping papers where our dedicated staff put their heart into seeing that our customer gift were beautifully wrapped and yes, we listened to your feedbacks. So, we decided to take immediate action, and set to work creating these Tavex-logo gift bags as a matter of urgency.

Thank you to our Partner Avisera AB and Beatrice Johansson that took that first meeting with our marketing department. After several weeks of design work to create the gift bag. Today we are proud to present the Tavex-Logo gift bags.

Tavex gift bag – Black Edition

Gift packaging for easy and beautiful packaging of Tavex products for all occasions that deserve present exchange. The Tavex logo gift bags are specially designed to give the expectation of the gift inside the bag.

Why Buy

  • Gift packaging with the Tavex logo gift bag helps turn any object into a gift.
  • Gift packaging with the Tavex logo gift bag is the perfect way to express care and a positive attitude.
  • Gift packaging with the Tavex logo gift bag creates that surprise and wow- effect for the receiver
  • Our eco-friendly Tavex logo gift bag ideas will make the gift exchange experience even more beneficial for everyone and the environment. As they are produced from FSC certified materials that are recyclable.
Gift idea
Tavex logo presentförpackning 1 In Stock

Gift Packaging with TAVEX logo Bag - Black Edition

We sell 61,25 SEK 61.25 61,25
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Tavex gift box

A unique gift requires unique packaging! The blue TAVEX box with a golden logo is a perfect complement to a gold bar. Perfect for Valcambi and PAMP ewes up to 100 grams.

Store investment gold bar so that its packaging does not lose its original appearance in the future. The box for bars is intended for more convenient and high-quality storage of investment gold and gift gold.

Why Buy

  • Presentation matters and the Tavex-Logo gift box for 1 bar gives a class of elegance that is adorable to all who receive it
  • It is recommended to store coins and bars in such a way that they do not come into contact with each other, as scratches may form on the surfaces of the original packaging.
  • Store coins and bars in the boxes provided or in special packaging.
  • Coins and bars (of any quality) must not be rubbed against any surface.
  • It is not recommended to carry bars or coins in a wallet or pocket, as over time the packaging will lose its original appearance, which may affect the repurchase price of the precious metal investment product.
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Tavex Logo gift box 2 In Stock

Gift Box TAVEX for 1 Bar – Blue Edition

We sell 199,00 SEK 199 199,00
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Gift idea
Gift box TAVEX for 1 bar – black with gold logo In Stock

Gift Box TAVEX for 1 Bar – Black Edition

We sell 199,00 SEK 199 199,00
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